3 Tips to Keep Your Garden Fountain at the Best Shape

BySabyasachi Dutta

3 Tips to Keep Your Garden Fountain at the Best Shape

A garden adds charm and character to your home. And if you are a passionate gardener, I am sure you are always busy updating and decorating your garden with various items like fountains and planter boxes, isn’t it? There is something soothing and magical about garden fountains. They beautify your garden and make it a wonderful place where you can spend hours relaxing and unwinding amidst the flowering plants and the gentle tinkling of water of the fountains pushing out the noise of the outer world. So, if you love gardening, here are some essential tips about the maintenance and care of garden fountains. Read this blog to know more.

  1. Traditional way to clean garden fountain

Keeping a garden fountain clean is a challenging job because they are more subjected to dust, pollution, dirt, rain and snow depending on your geographical location.  The first thing to take care while cleaning garden fountains is to take care of the garden pump. Clean the pump thoroughly with a piece of cloth and wipe away the debris. Open the cover of the pump and wipe the inside of the pump as well. Clean any hard to reach areas with an old toothbrush. Your fountain will run smoothly and beautifully for a long time with just a few minutes of maintenance. If you want you can use fountain cleaning and care products to prolong the build-up and algae as well. While purchasing garden fountains in Melbourne make sure they are specifically made to handle the blows of time. Check the fountain for any leaves or debris after every windy or rainy day. It is advisable to turn off the fountain and remove the pump for inspection. Keep the pump clear and away from debris, dirt or anything else that might get stuck in it.

  1. Clean the fountain with natural cleansers

Cleaning outdoor fountain takes a little more effort than its indoor counterpart. This is because apart from dust and pollution, there are natural elements to consider. For instance, there are birds who beautifully add to the atmosphere of a garden fountain. But do not forget, they also create an unsanitary mess. So if you have chosen a garden fountain that also works as a bird bath make it a point to monitor the water and change it regularly. Worried about the health of the birds and animals that flock around your garden fountain? Then choose a natural cleansing product that is safe to use and won’t cause any health risk to birds, animals and even children who come in contact with it. For best results and to make sure that the birds and animals are visiting your fountain on a regular basis empty the water and clean the reservoir with a stiff brush, rinse and add fresh water again. Do not allow water to sit stagnant in your fountain for a long period of time to avoid algae formation.

  1. Choose an apt location for your fountain

Apart from cleaning your fountain, you also need to keep few things in mind to save to from undue stress and wear and tear from natural elements. This is about finding the perfect spot for your garden fountain. Make sure to keep it in a spot that is visible but not on the way of foot traffic. Avoid keeping it in a dry and dusty corner as you will be spending more time in cleaning it. No matter where you keep your outdoor fountain, it is important to keep it away from places where it could become damaged. If you live in a busy neighbourhood, make sure your fountain is not on the direct path of flying objects like baseballs for example.

Now that you know the different ways to take care and maintain garden fountains, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest garden accessory store manufacturing planter boxes in Melbourne, ornamental fountains and much more and get the best fountain for your garden.

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