4 Things You Must Know While Going for Bathroom Waterproofing

BySabyasachi Dutta

4 Things You Must Know While Going for Bathroom Waterproofing

Are you setting up your new home? Or are you thinking of redoing your house? Whichever the case may be, it is necessary that you think of the long life of the property. And to ensure the really long life of your home, waterproofing can be a very necessary thing you have to take care of. On one hand, it can prevent water seepage and prevent long-term damage to your house; on the other, it helps you save on the maintenance of the home. So, if you are thinking of hiring professionals for waterproofing, then you are on the right track.

Now, if you are not really aware of the process of waterproofing and wondering which part of your home will need it most, then let me tell you, your bathroom has the maximum chances of water seeping which can cause bigger risks for your home’s foundation. Hence, bathroom waterproofing of your Melbourne home is a necessary step for you as a homeowner. Are you wondering how you will get it right? If yes, then you must have some ideas about waterproofing. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Identify the Areas of Waterproofing

As waterproofing is the most overlooked part of the house construction, people often suffer from various consequences once the house starts aging. Hence, when you are going for waterproofing your home, especially your bathroom, which remains exposed to water and moisture for most of the time, you must have a plan. The first crucial step is to identify the areas that need waterproofing.  If you are wondering which ones can be the probable areas, then they are,

* Pipelines that open near walls and floors

* Concealed water pipes, for example, PVC pipes or joints

* The tile grouts where the tiles are improperly joined

* Near the shower

* Bathroom door jambs

* Washbasins and bathtubs

Step by Step Planning

As you can’t afford to make a mistake and have to think about the proper way to deal with water leakage issues, you have to have a step by step planning for waterproofing your bathroom. The steps are,

* Ensuring there is a proper slope near the drain so that the water flows out freely, without any hinderance.

* Sealing the joints around the drain near the tap so that water cannot penetrate it.

* Sealing the tile joints neatly so that it doesn’t accumulate algae.

* Constant dampness can cause serious trouble, hence, try to maintain proper dryness.

Features You need to Consider

If you follow a planned approach for waterproofing your bathroom, needless to say, it will be successful, ensuring the long life of your property.  Hence, you need to consider the features of your bathroom so that you can do the waterproofing perfectly. First of all, checking the outlet pipes and the inlets and outlets are necessary. Once this is done, go for polymer waterproofing coating. It is necessary for you to check if the wall is layered or not before the tiles are laying on the floor and the wall areas. Finally, you must fix the fixtures and sanitary wares.

Consulting a Specialist

It is obviously not possible for you to know everything about waterproofing. Hence, you will need the help of a specialist who would know about the work. As the waterproofing process is quite crucial for your home and it can cost quite a lot of money, it is necessary that you find a proper professional who will have the required experience and expertise regarding waterproofing.

So, now as you know about these four things, keep them in mind while waterproofing your bathroom and home. Find a reputed professional and forget the worry of water seepage and damage caused by it.

Author Bio: Trista is a famous blogger on home improvement and waterproofing. Here, she talks about the things that you have to take care of while opting for bathroom waterproofing Melbourne.

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