5 Essential Tools for Most Home Repairs

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5 Essential Tools for Most Home Repairs

There is a huge misconception among home owners these days. The belief is that in order for something to be fixed correctly, it has to be done by a professional. Where certain home repair items are better accomplished by a professional, there are many that require only simple knowledge of the repair as well as common tools. Here are 5 of the most common and useful tools to have within any home.

  1. Screwdrivers – Probably one of the most basic tools is usually the hardest to find when you need it most. Screwdrivers come in many sizes, but only have two main varieties, a flat head and a Phillips head. Having a set of each will give the home owner the ability to prevent breaks within the home before they occur. It is remarkable how many repair problems can be prevented by just screwing in a screw that is backing out.
  1. Hammer – Most people have a hammer in some form or another, but sometimes the hammer is so rarely used, it is either impossible to find or rusted through when it is found. Tools like hammers can be stored anywhere within the home and make home repair a breeze. These can be used just like the screwdriver to maintain before full repairs are needed.
  1. Pliers – You never really know the importance of a good set of pliers until you are trying to put a clamp on a water pipe in the middle of the night while water rushes into your home. This essential tool comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Having a range of sizes will ensure that you have the one you need for each job. It is also advised that you have pliers with various clamp sizes as well such as standard and needle nose for those hard to reach places.
  1. Utility Knife – Knives are great essentials for any kitchen, but you never want to find out that your significant other, has been using your good knives to do home repair. Utility knives are durable and many offer the ability to change the blade according to the task to be done with. You will appreciate the convenience and the versatility of a good utility knife for all sorts of home repairs.
  1. Wrenches – If you intend on doing any home repair of any king, you will likely need a wrench. Depending on the amount of repair jobs you intend on doing yourself will determine how large of a wrench set to invest in. For most home repairs however, a simple adjustable wrench is sufficient.

The time has come for every home owner to become their very own home repair person. The empowerment that comes from fixing something without calling the repairman is amazing. The power is within ourselves as well as the tools we choose to have around the house. Take the time to invest in these few quality tools and find yourself doing the bulk of the home repair jobs yourself.

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