5 Why Buy a House in Bristol?

ByPooja Sharma

5 Why Buy a House in Bristol?

According to the 2017 property guide of the Sunday Times, Bristol, the capital of the South West, is named as the best area to live in Britain. This annual list is usually compiled taking many factors under consideration.

As Bristol is so good to live in, we have made a list of our own which shows many reasons which make the city a great place to buy a home in.

  1. Property Prices

The house prices in Bristol are really good compared to Cambridge and Oxford, and much lower than those of London, though it is also a university town!

According to the UK house price index, the prices have soared 11.2 per cent since last year and will continue to rise in the coming time. So, now is the best time to grab your chance and buy a property in Bristol under a reasonably low price range.

  1. Crime Rate

According to the national poll, the crime rate of the area is comparatively low, hence it is said to be a secure place to have a home in. The security factor is a very important one to take into consideration when buying a house.

  1. Education Standard

The universities of Bristol are well known and reputed educational institutions, namely; the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England. Also, many other educational facilities of Bristol are also termed high performance by taking into account the student performance and results. If you are a student, teacher or a parent, this might be the place you are looking for.

  1. Quality of Life

Bristol is a place with a high quality of life, boasting of scenic beauty for the nature lovers as well as bars and restaurants for the fun and party loving squad. The high standards of living also ensure a low rate of unemployment and a good quality of life services.

  1. Job Opportunities

The place offers a variety of good, creative and professional job opportunities. According to the Sunday times, the average UK wage rate is £23,000 per annum. The students, fresh graduates, and professionals are likely to find good jobs and living quarters here.

  1. Booming Economy

A high level to investment in the area has ensured a booming growth of local economy. The Sunday Times reports, “The local economy grew by 2.4% in 2016 to be worth £13.6 billion, with a further increase of 15.7% expected by 2026”.  This is a much better rate compared to Liverpool, Manchester and New Castle. So why not join the growing economy!

  1. Buy-To-Let

Due to a high number of students and job seekers in the area, it is also a good investment strategy to buy a house that you can offer as a rental place for outsiders.

  1. Ideal Location

Bristol is not a cut off remote town in the middle of nowhere, neither is it in the middle of city hustle and bustle. It is only a two-hour train journey away from major cities like London, Birmingham and Plymouth, and also a short drive away from beautiful landscapes and holiday resorts.

  1. Transport Facility

The place is close to M5 and M4 while M32 runs directly through it. Bristol also has some traditional old scenic cycle routes and bus services.

Also do not forget that it is a property hotspot and rich in its own culture and beauty. Do not forgo the opportunity of buying a house in Bristol before it exceeds you price range!

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