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7 different ways to use full length mirror in your home

Mirrors are the best component in the entire interior as they provide multiple benefits in several ways. They enhance the ambiance of the entire place along with the reduction of cost at much extent. In any place they are used,add beauty to the place also better the light space and much more things.

There are several ideas of using mirrors and of different sizes but having a full length mirror is the best to have but before we see the ideas in which it can be used we will see the benefits of mirrors:

* They are helpful in making space in the room, bedroom, office or other place where you use.

* They reflect the light and due to which the level of light is increased at much extent.

* Enhance the entire ambiance of the place where you put mirrors.

* With the help of mirrors you can also hide the flaws or lacking in your room, office or home.

* Apart from that they primarily fulfill the fundamental requirements and functional necessities.

These are some of the aspects about the benefits of having mirrors in home, room, bedroom or any other place. While there are multiple other benefits that are there in reference to the usage of mirrors. Now let’s move towards the ideas about where to use the full length mirrors:

  1. At bathrooms
  2. In the bedrooms
  3. At the entrance
  4. In the hall
  5. In the dressing room
  6. At parlors
  7. In gyms

At bathrooms

This would be the first and foremost place where you should place the mirrors as they are it is the most important place. All of us prefer going washrooms for getting some retouch or to get fresh but if there is no mirror there than we won’t appreciate such bathrooms.

Moreover in daily use of washroom we like to once see our self and if any change or refining is required can be done with the help of looking into the mirrors.

In the bedrooms

We won’t prefer going often to washrooms or any other place in our house to use mirror and for that it would be ideal to have it in bedroom. While before going to bed you might prefer to apply a lotion or any night cream along with seeing yourself in the mirror. Even you would prefer to have a proper dressing table with a huge mirror so that you can get ready at any time.

At the entrance

It is best to have the mirrors in the entrance of the house or any other place as they give a good impression and also enhance the entire look of the home with one glance. Furthermore if you want to see yourself one last time before leaving your home than you would definitely appreciate the addition of mirrors in entrance. And if you use a full length mirror than with no doubt it will prove to be the best option.

In the hall

Hall is a place which is ideal in that reference as they have to create a beautiful and captivating ambiance for the people who visit. So for that the mirrors would serve the best and can reduce the cost of putting much effort in embellishing the halls with designing furniture.

In the dressing room

There are some people who prefer to make a separate dressing room to have a proper place of dressing up along with other accessories and makeup or so on. In that case a full size mirror would be perfect to enhance the ambiance of your dressing room. It will make your dressing room ideal and will also let you get some privacy to feel free.

At parlors

Whether it is parlor or salon you would definitely be a person visiting it occasionally or within weeks. And whatever you get there like a haircut or makeover or any other such things you would prefer to have a complete look of yours be seen once. And in that case it is really important to have wall size of horizontal mirrors in the parlors.

In gyms

Many of the men and women are conscious about their body or outlook and to maintain it or reduce they like to go to gym. And who would appreciate or like to go to a gym where there is no mirror probably no-one. Because they are necessary in gyms as when you are having a workout or exercise you would prefer to look at your body shape.

So this could be done if you have mirrors in the gym moreover the gym is a place where a number of huge machines are there. And with the help of mirrors you would be able to make a look of spacious environment.

BySabyasachi Dutta

3 Ideas to Adorn Your Homes with Waterslide Decal Papers in the Spirit of the New Year

2018 has finally arrived! And we are off to a new start. So, just like we are looking forward to a fresh new beginning, adorning our minds and futures with new wishes, hopes, and aspirations, we should also add a touch of newness to our surroundings and belongings. And what better place to start this mission than our homes? Are you wondering that it will be a new interior costing a lot of money? Then, you are mistaken. Now, you can give a brand new makeover to your old furniture and possessions at minimal expense. Thanks to the decal papers.

There are various kinds of decal papers including inkjet, waterslide, or candle decal papers available in the market that can turn an ordinary element into something absolutely wonderful. Waterslide decal papers are durable and can be easily used on smooth and non-porous surfaces, which makes it one of the most popular decal solutions amongst homeowners. These can be applied to wood, glass, metal, wax, plastic, veneer, soap, slate, and also fingernails. Isn’t that simply great?

So, how do you plan to get started on this decoration spree with waterslide decals? Here are some marvelous ideas to get the deal started. Take a look.

Wall Decals

The first and foremost thing that your guests will notice when they enter your home is the wall. The walls define the interior of any room, giving it a character of its own. So, if you want to spruce up the walls of your home, just painting it won’t do the trick. Think out of the box. Do something innovative that is not found in every home. Wall decals are becoming extremely popular nowadays and varied designs are also available at your disposal for the same. You can pick different ones, each for your bedroom, kid’s room, guest room, living room, or kitchen. This is a great deal because you can not only decorate your walls in a fantastic manner but also hide the flaws like stains, splashes, or other marks of wear and tear on your walls.


Well, it is the beginning of a new year and guests are inevitable. So, plate up delicious platters of food and drinks in your gorgeous and expensive glassware. But are you thinking that they have seen enough of this glassware so you don’t want to repeat the set? However, buying an entirely new set of glassware will cost you a lot. Nobody wants to bear an expense so early on in the year. What’s the solution? Simply give your same glassware a brand new appearance with the help of waterslide decal paper. Check the internet for a remarkable design or create your own unique one. And have them printed on the decal paper followed by applying it to the glassware. Besides your dinnerware, you can also use them on other kinds of glassware like vases or jars used to adorn your living room or bedroom.

Home Decor

Speaking of decorative glassware like jars and vases, there are other home decor elements which can be adorned in the same manner with decal solutions. For instance, you can use them on the bedroom cupboards, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, bathroom vanities and much more. The idea is to give everything a refreshing look and feel. However, you must be careful about maintaining a balance. Don’t apply the decals on everything, making everything look like clones. Overdoing things will not be right. Also, ensure that you take a look at the rest of the decor and let everything complement each other, offering the perfect reflection of your taste and sensibility.

So, are you excited to try out these amazing ideas? Then, wait no more. Quickly find a place which offers great waterslide decal, inkjet, or candle decal paper to get started now.

BySabyasachi Dutta

4 Things You Must Know While Going for Bathroom Waterproofing

Are you setting up your new home? Or are you thinking of redoing your house? Whichever the case may be, it is necessary that you think of the long life of the property. And to ensure the really long life of your home, waterproofing can be a very necessary thing you have to take care of. On one hand, it can prevent water seepage and prevent long-term damage to your house; on the other, it helps you save on the maintenance of the home. So, if you are thinking of hiring professionals for waterproofing, then you are on the right track.

Now, if you are not really aware of the process of waterproofing and wondering which part of your home will need it most, then let me tell you, your bathroom has the maximum chances of water seeping which can cause bigger risks for your home’s foundation. Hence, bathroom waterproofing of your Melbourne home is a necessary step for you as a homeowner. Are you wondering how you will get it right? If yes, then you must have some ideas about waterproofing. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Identify the Areas of Waterproofing

As waterproofing is the most overlooked part of the house construction, people often suffer from various consequences once the house starts aging. Hence, when you are going for waterproofing your home, especially your bathroom, which remains exposed to water and moisture for most of the time, you must have a plan. The first crucial step is to identify the areas that need waterproofing.  If you are wondering which ones can be the probable areas, then they are,

* Pipelines that open near walls and floors

* Concealed water pipes, for example, PVC pipes or joints

* The tile grouts where the tiles are improperly joined

* Near the shower

* Bathroom door jambs

* Washbasins and bathtubs

Step by Step Planning

As you can’t afford to make a mistake and have to think about the proper way to deal with water leakage issues, you have to have a step by step planning for waterproofing your bathroom. The steps are,

* Ensuring there is a proper slope near the drain so that the water flows out freely, without any hinderance.

* Sealing the joints around the drain near the tap so that water cannot penetrate it.

* Sealing the tile joints neatly so that it doesn’t accumulate algae.

* Constant dampness can cause serious trouble, hence, try to maintain proper dryness.

Features You need to Consider

If you follow a planned approach for waterproofing your bathroom, needless to say, it will be successful, ensuring the long life of your property.  Hence, you need to consider the features of your bathroom so that you can do the waterproofing perfectly. First of all, checking the outlet pipes and the inlets and outlets are necessary. Once this is done, go for polymer waterproofing coating. It is necessary for you to check if the wall is layered or not before the tiles are laying on the floor and the wall areas. Finally, you must fix the fixtures and sanitary wares.

Consulting a Specialist

It is obviously not possible for you to know everything about waterproofing. Hence, you will need the help of a specialist who would know about the work. As the waterproofing process is quite crucial for your home and it can cost quite a lot of money, it is necessary that you find a proper professional who will have the required experience and expertise regarding waterproofing.

So, now as you know about these four things, keep them in mind while waterproofing your bathroom and home. Find a reputed professional and forget the worry of water seepage and damage caused by it.

Author Bio: Trista is a famous blogger on home improvement and waterproofing. Here, she talks about the things that you have to take care of while opting for bathroom waterproofing Melbourne.

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4 Factors That Make White Kitchens a Great Idea for the Holiday Season

Are you thinking of redecorating your home this holiday season? It is, after all, a great time. Christmas is drawing nearer and soon, you will be welcoming the New Year. So, along with yourselves, you should also make your homes ready for the festivities. One of the most important parts of your home is the kitchen. Right from cutting the special cake on Christmas to baking other lip-smacking delicacies on the first day of the New Year, kitchens play a great role in ringing in the seasonal greetings. So, when it comes to home renovation or redesigning, you should first think about decking up the kitchen.

Keeping in mind, the snowflakes, beautiful wreaths, trees glistening with the snowfall, and the image of Santa Claus riding on the sleigh on a lovely blanket of snow, we can safely say that the color of the season is definitely white. So, if you are planning to redo the interiors of your home this Christmas, it has to be pristine white. And yes you heard that right; white for the kitchens too. If you are still in two minds about whether to opt for it or not, here’s why white kitchens are the flavor of the holiday season. Take a look.

Suits all Interior Styles

White is a universal color with a very elegant appeal that complements all kinds of interiors. So, regardless of whether you are fond of mid-century vintage or contemporary urban styles, white can suit your homes perfectly. Right from a white kitchen cabinet to white countertops, this color can be used everywhere. White interiors can really give your kitchens, a bright and beautiful look, bringing out the seasonal hue at its best.

Makes the Kitchen Look Bigger

Dark colors often tend to confine the boundaries of a room, making it look more enclosed. So, ditch the darker shades and go for white. Since cabinetry assumes a wider space of the kitchen, it often becomes the defining character of this space. So, you can install white cabinets in your kitchen and see how much light gets reflected in the cooking space, giving it an illusion of a bigger kitchen. This works best in homes where the kitchen is cozy, in a narrow shape, and doesn’t get much sunlight.

Gives Out a Pristine Appeal

White has a stunning and sophisticated appeal that immediately draws homeowners to it. Pristine and pure, this shade can fill up your space with utmost positive energy. White has a classic beauty whose charm leaves everyone spellbound, right from owners to guests. You can easily use this aesthetic appeal to spruce up your kitchens. Fill its every corner, right from the wallpaper, cabinetry, drawers, countertops, to sinks, appliances, and even the windows and doors with the shade of white. You can also use ceramic tiles and other furnishings in this shade to make sure your kitchens look clean and fresh every time you set foot on it.

Makes a Great Background for Other Elements

White lets you play around with the interior design in a much free and convenient manner. When you have a colored kitchen design, you have to pick elements according to that color scheme. For instance, if you have a yellow and brown combination kitchen, you have to pick your cabinets, countertops, and other furnishing accordingly so that the overall decor looks good. But in white kitchens, you don’t have to take such a hassle because you use different kinds of colors. Go for Cherry red or dark brown cabinetry like Walnut cabinets, which too look amazing with an all-white decor. And, for the wallpapers, curtains, tablecloths, etc, if you want you can pick a single color like red, pink, or green or choose multiple colors all together for this purpose too. Both the combinations will pop out against a white background.

So, what are you thinking? Get started today before the holidays begin.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Garden Fountain at the Best Shape

A garden adds charm and character to your home. And if you are a passionate gardener, I am sure you are always busy updating and decorating your garden with various items like fountains and planter boxes, isn’t it? There is something soothing and magical about garden fountains. They beautify your garden and make it a wonderful place where you can spend hours relaxing and unwinding amidst the flowering plants and the gentle tinkling of water of the fountains pushing out the noise of the outer world. So, if you love gardening, here are some essential tips about the maintenance and care of garden fountains. Read this blog to know more.

  1. Traditional way to clean garden fountain

Keeping a garden fountain clean is a challenging job because they are more subjected to dust, pollution, dirt, rain and snow depending on your geographical location.  The first thing to take care while cleaning garden fountains is to take care of the garden pump. Clean the pump thoroughly with a piece of cloth and wipe away the debris. Open the cover of the pump and wipe the inside of the pump as well. Clean any hard to reach areas with an old toothbrush. Your fountain will run smoothly and beautifully for a long time with just a few minutes of maintenance. If you want you can use fountain cleaning and care products to prolong the build-up and algae as well. While purchasing garden fountains in Melbourne make sure they are specifically made to handle the blows of time. Check the fountain for any leaves or debris after every windy or rainy day. It is advisable to turn off the fountain and remove the pump for inspection. Keep the pump clear and away from debris, dirt or anything else that might get stuck in it.

  1. Clean the fountain with natural cleansers

Cleaning outdoor fountain takes a little more effort than its indoor counterpart. This is because apart from dust and pollution, there are natural elements to consider. For instance, there are birds who beautifully add to the atmosphere of a garden fountain. But do not forget, they also create an unsanitary mess. So if you have chosen a garden fountain that also works as a bird bath make it a point to monitor the water and change it regularly. Worried about the health of the birds and animals that flock around your garden fountain? Then choose a natural cleansing product that is safe to use and won’t cause any health risk to birds, animals and even children who come in contact with it. For best results and to make sure that the birds and animals are visiting your fountain on a regular basis empty the water and clean the reservoir with a stiff brush, rinse and add fresh water again. Do not allow water to sit stagnant in your fountain for a long period of time to avoid algae formation.

  1. Choose an apt location for your fountain

Apart from cleaning your fountain, you also need to keep few things in mind to save to from undue stress and wear and tear from natural elements. This is about finding the perfect spot for your garden fountain. Make sure to keep it in a spot that is visible but not on the way of foot traffic. Avoid keeping it in a dry and dusty corner as you will be spending more time in cleaning it. No matter where you keep your outdoor fountain, it is important to keep it away from places where it could become damaged. If you live in a busy neighbourhood, make sure your fountain is not on the direct path of flying objects like baseballs for example.

Now that you know the different ways to take care and maintain garden fountains, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest garden accessory store manufacturing planter boxes in Melbourne, ornamental fountains and much more and get the best fountain for your garden.

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A Complete Guideline on How to Maintain Water Pumps

Water pumps are vital machines that are essential for almost every home as it distributes water at various locations of the house. While buying a water pump it is equally important to get a thorough guideline about its maintenance process. This is because when a pump runs at its peak efficiency, it uses less fuel, experiences less downtime, and obviously costs less to operate. So, buying a pump is not only an investment, the time you spend on its maintenance is also an investment as it adds to the lifetime performance and value of the machine. There are many ways to take care of your pump. Read this blog to know some of them.

1. Take care of the pump flow

Take regular notice of the discharge flow of the pump. Is it taking a longer time to do the same job than it used to do? Consider the reasons behind the decreased flow of the pump. It may be caused by a collapsed suction hose lining, a leaking gasket, a wedged suction line or a damaged or worn impeller or wear plate. To determine the cause of the decreased flow, the discharged pressure and the suction vacuum of the pump must be measured while the pump is operating. Measure these two aspects of the pump at start up and compare the latest readings with that of the originally recorded ones. Remember a vital point here. While troubleshooting a pump, always follow the high abnormal reading. A high discharge pressure will indicate a decrease in a suction vacuum which could be a sign of clogged or partially clogged discharge line.  It also may be a sign of a closed valve or trapped air unable to evacuate or any obstruction outboard of the point where the gauge was installed into the discharge line. It is common practice to install gauges approximately two to four pipe diameters from the pump. If both the gauges decrease, the problem can be located between them, inside the pump. A clog in the eye of the impeller, wear, wide clearances or air into the suction line can be the reason for decreased gauge readings.

2. Take care of the sound of the pump   

Always notice the type of sound created by the pump. Is it sounding like marbles rattling in a can? Then it can be the indication of cavitations and could be caused by a suction lift that is too high for the pump or a suction hose that is too long or has a collapsed lining. The noise of the pump should be mechanical or hydraulic. Run the pump briefly without water. If the noise is no longer present, it is hydraulic in nature. If the noise is present, it is mechanical in nature.

3. Check if the pump is clogging to frequently

To maintain a god health of the pump, keep a note whether it is clogging frequently or not. If the pump’s suction check valve is clogged, it may be because of the strainer which might be too large or too small. There is also a high chance that the strainer might be stuck in mud thereby plugging the suction line.

4. Check if the pump is overheating

Another key factor to maintaining water pumps in Melbourne is to prevent it from overheating. This may be due to the restriction of liquid flowing in or out of the pump. Check of improper impeller clearance which might be the reason of overheated pump. The suction strainer may be clogged or the pump’s ability to handle air through an air release line, air release valve or open-ended discharge line may be obstructed. Here is a word of caution. Never open a hot pump for maintenance. Allow the pump to cool before opening. Please note there may be lingering pressure inside the volute casing ever after the pump has cooled off.

Lastly, it will always be better to conduct regular maintenance of water pumps if you want to enjoy good returns on investment. It will always be better to avail services from professionals to maintain water pumps and pump covers in Melbourne.

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5 Most Important Reasons to Waterproof Your Bathroom

If you are planning to improve different aspects of your home, remember to waterproof your bathroom also. This is because waterproofing not only eliminates structural damage but also protects you from possible health hazards. Still confused? Let me explain it to you. Washing and bathing produce a lot of vapour in the bathroom which is absorbed and retained by washroom walls for a long time. Inside the wall, the vapours erode materials and cause cracks that let in more moisture. This creates hydrostatic pressure and leads to extensive damage. One smart way to avoid the problem is by waterproofing your bathroom. Read this blog to know the 5 most important reasons to waterproof your bathroom.

  1. Prevent structural damage

Buildings in the areas with high level of humidity are exposed to extreme moisture. But its harmful effects are specially seen in areas with poor ventilation or in areas where a combination of high interior humidity and high moisture content are present. This generally occurs in the walls of a bathroom. Extreme moisture or dampness can destroy and damage materials made of wood, concrete and even iron. Although it takes a long time for the moisture-related problems to become visible, they might cause considerable damage if ignored.

  1. Maintain pleasant temperature

Most of us prefer an atmosphere where the temperature is stable and pleasant. That is why we install machines like air conditioners. But extra moisture can make your home a humid place. You can install air conditioners to remove the moisture from your rooms, but, if your bathroom is not waterproofed these machines will fail to maintain the temperature you are comfortable with. Moreover, excess moisture accumulation in the walls can promote heat transfer that results in heat loss and higher energy bills. The vapour from the bathroom can travel to adjacent rooms and hamper the indoor air quality causing serious mould problems.

  1. Prevent infestation of pests and micro-organisms

Damp areas are the birthplace of a variety of pests and micro-organisms such as dry rot and moulds. These causes various health problems like nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation and even skin irritation. To avoid infestation waterproof the walls and parts of your bathroom if they tend to stay damp for a long period of time. Since pests along with mould and wood decay fungi can live in the walls of your bathroom, it is essential to take necessary steps in form of waterproofing.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Do you want to invest a large sum of money for your bathrooms every year? Obviously not! Then why let moisture ruin its interiors? High moisture content in the bathroom can lead to peeling, cracking and blistering of the wall paints. Rotten wood and severe mould infestations will also require the assistance of professionals. All these will considerably increase the maintenance cost of your bathroom. Waterproof your bathroom to prevent moisture from penetrating into your walls and save thousands of bucks for future repairs.

  1. Increase the value of your home

Whether you are planning to sell your property in the future or live in it for the rest of your life, it is always better to keep your property upgraded and in a good shape as this will increase its value which will help you in the long run.

Now you know why it is important to keep your bathroom waterproofed so that you and your family can live a comfortable and healthy life. Contact some of the reputed companies that offer the service of waterproofing in Melbourne and upgrade your bathroom now. Enjoy a comfortable bath and convert the bathroom into your personal space.        

BySabyasachi Dutta

How to Choose the Right Kind of Balustrade for your home

Balustrades can make or break the look of the interiors of your home. It is very important to consider some factors before installing them since they are going to be a part of your home for a long period of time. Moreover, do not forget the amount of time and money that will be involved in installing balustrades in your home. So, if you planning to get one for your home, consider these important points discussed in this blog.

  1. Consider your requirement

Before installing a balustrade in your home, consider your requirement. Ask a question to yourself that do you really need it? Balustrades add a lot of decorative value to your home but they also have their own function. They act as a protection around the staircase or even in the balcony. So, if you have children or pets in the house, there is always the risk of accidents and you should definitely consider adding a balustrade in the required areas for extra protection. But if the staircase is very small then maybe you don’t need it. Or maybe you don’t need balustrade for that little pool staircase either. It is advisable to think about the functional aspect of the balustrade before deciding to install it in the house for everyone’s safety and better functionality.

  1. Consider the size of the house

After deciding to add a balustrade to your home, the next thing to consider is the size of the house. Do you want the balustrades to add a depth to your house or add an illusion of space? For instance, in smaller houses, balustrades must be used to create a grand ambiance. You can add these to the balconies, staircases and even porch for a creating a classy appeal for the house.

  1. Consider the design of the house

The next thing to consider is the overall design of the house. Keep in mind that balustrades are not just a part and they have ample scope to enhance the look of your home. So choose a balustrade while keeping the architecture of your house in mind. For, instance if your house has a vintage look, opt for vintage style balustrade. Similarly, in modern home balustrades made of wrought iron will work better than a wooden one. Nowadays there are plenty of options to choose from. Choose the material that matches with the interiors of your house.

  1. Choose apt materials for the balustrades

A lot of factors determine the choice of balustrades and one of them is material. The choice of materials depends on the budget, design of the house and the availability of the material. Wooden balustrades are out of trend now. Moreover, they are expensive, high in maintenance and do not match with the sleek designs of modern homes. The material that is popular in recent times in wrought iron because they are affordable and easy to maintain. No matter, what material you choose, wood, glass, steel or wrought iron, make sure that compliments your home decor.

  1. Consider other aspects

Most importantly consider the long term aspect of the balustrades. For instance, if you are installing them for outdoor purposes, you should consider aspects like the weather. Outdoor balustrades should be weather-resistant and should be made of steel or wrought iron so that it can keep rust or corrosion at bay. Wooden balustrades are suited for indoor purposes as they would require a lot of maintenance if kept outside.

I hope now you can understand what to consider before installing balustrades for your home. So what are you waiting for? Add durable balustrades in your home and make it look strong from outside and elegant from inside. Look for reputed companies balustrading in Melbourne and get the best deal for your home.     

BySabyasachi Dutta

Common Mistakes You must Avoid while Choosing Blinds for Your Home

Once you have your dream home ready for you, another quest starts. It is about making your home beautiful. It is needless to say that you would love to make your home look gorgeous and you have extravagant plans for your interiors. But, have you planned to install window treatment for your home?

Yes, it is the eternal battle for blinds or curtains that are going to keep you busy for some time. But, if your home is modern and chic, then curtain won’t be the best option for it. In that case I would suggest you to choose blinds for your home decoration. Why I am saying so? Blinds are classy, modern, contemporary and functional. If you have the idea that blinds can give away a clinical feel in the room then get rid of this idea. Contemporary blinds are fun and multi-functional.

However, when you are choosing the blinds for your home, here is a piece of experience that I want to share with you. I have seen many of my clients committing some common mistakes. What are those mistakes? Take a look at the following points. I am sure that knowing about them will help you to avoid them.

Choosing Cheap Material

Frankly, yes, I understand that the budget often becomes the reason to worry about when you are done with the construction of the house. But, when you are planning the interior of the house and are zeroing on the blinds, it is necessary not to compromise with the price of the blinds. There are many cheap options when it comes to buying Blinds in Cranbourne, Officer and other areas in Melbourne. But, all of them are surely not trustworthy. You must be thinking, why I am stressing over this point so much. Frankly, blinds are never a small time investment. When you are buying blinds, it is necessary that you invest in the right one as it will be lasting for 7 or 8 years.

Not Knowing the Requirements

It is necessary for you to know exactly what you are looking for. Different parts of your home will call for different types of window covering. Obviously, the requirements of your kitchen won’t be same as that of your bedroom. So, when you are thinking of getting the blinds for your home, make sure you take care of the area that you are choosing for. If it is your kitchen or living room, you can opt for partial filtering of light and partial privacy. But, when it is bedroom or bathroom, it is obvious that you will need the complete privacy. So, after figuring out the needs shop for the blinds in Endeavour Hills.

Not Taking Correct Measurement

In the case of blinds, it is necessary that you take the correct measurements. It is an extremely necessary factor for your home interior. In the case of curtains, it is OK if the measurement is not perfect. But, when it comes to selecting the blinds for your home, make sure that you are choosing the right company and asking them to come for the measurements.

Choosing Style over Function

Well, being an interior designer and an extremely perfectionist house owner, I prefer everything to be perfect in my home too. I completely understand when my clients stress over the style of a different factor of a home. Obviously, it is necessary to keep everything in sync. However, it is not always wise to stick style and ignoring functionality. You are choosing blinds over curtains in the first place because it is not only contemporary, but functional too. But, when you are becoming too conscious about the decor style and whether it is going well with the decor or not, then you are doing it all wrong. The style is necessary to take care of. But, along with it, it is also necessary that you focus on the functionality.

Also when you are selecting your blinds, don’t try to match it perfectly with the decor. Mismatched can be a great style to make your home look warm and welcoming.

So, now as you know, what are the mistakes that you need to avoid, why are you wasting time? Find the right service and get the blinds installed.

BySabyasachi Dutta

Frameless Glass or Stainless Steel Balustrading and Maintenance Tips

Balustrading is not a modern architectural concept. The application of balustrade in architectural concept was first featured in the early Renaissance era where balconies of palaces were decoratively formed by intricate quattrocento balustrades. Balustrades, in the passage of time have revolutionized and modern day these decorative structures are not limited to metals only. Other than iron, stainless steel, balustrades are formed from hardwood, plastics, polystyrene, glass and plaster.

Balustrading in Melbourne has also seen much transformation in the last decade. The industry has revolutionized not just in terms of designs and materials but also added functionality to it, which was once primarily used for decorative purpose. Glass or steel balustrades can bring great look to the residential houses and commercial establishments. Glass balustrades are versatile and easily blend with almost all types of interior designing. On the other hand, stainless steel balustrades are available in semi frameless or frameless.

Functionality of glass balustrades

Glass balustrades are not so popular till now like wood or iron ones. However, the functionality of glass balustrades is far reaching, mostly to residential owners who make the glass a perfect addition to their patios, pergolas, carports, gazebos, balconies or courtyards.

> Glass balustrades make your room or living space appears spacious. It is because of its transparent nature of glass that creates an illusion of things look bigger.

> Glass balustrades let extra light pass through them, creating more bright appearance. Many property owners prefer glass because it leads to a healthy feeling inside the house.

> Glass balustrades are simple to install. And it also requires less maintenance.

Choice of balustrading in houses

Balustrading comes with many choices because it comes with a wide spectrum of colours and designs. You can also opt from framed, frameless or semi-frameless options. In the glass balustrades, you can also opt for tint or even opacity of the glass. It comes with many choices, only thing you need to know about Australian safety regulations.

Stainless steel balustrades are the primary choice when it comes to durability factor. Also steel balustrades can take many shapes and decorative with filigree shapes.

Wooden balustrades are traditional form with simple design, fabricated a little more than wooden posts beneath the railing.

The most expensive and surely the luxurious choice is stone carving or casting. They look exquisite but these are also very expensive.

Stainless steel balustrades and maintenance

Stainless steels are widely used in creating various types of balconies and handrails. Many homeowners have installed stainless steel balustrades or handrails because of durability and versatility. Unlike iron, wrought iron, stainless steel is impervious to corrosion. It can easily be cleaned and requires easy maintenance.

* The most routine cleaning that can be done every day if you have time is to clean your balustrades with warm water and a cloth. After cleaning with water, clean it with a dry towel or soft cloth to prevent water spot. Wipe it in the directions of the polish lines.

* If you find corrosion marks on the handrails, it implies you haven’t cleaned it for long. For this, you need a little more than warm water. Add some mild detergent to the water and clean it. Don’t forget it clean it with a dry towel.

* Stainless steel handrails have a problem of fingerprint problems. So, you need to use a good glass cleaner to clean it to prevent and eliminate fingerprints.

* For a hard scratch, you need a stainless steel cleaner or polishers to eliminate the scratches.

Technical Oversight

Ideal site effectiveness, most extreme security and negligible ecological effect are at the cutting edge of present day techniques for development. It is in this manner alluring to finish however much of the development off-site as could reasonably be expected and therefore numerous creators, engineers and contractual workers now lean toward pre-manufactured secluded frameworks with all segments completed at the production line arrange, prepared for quick get together on conveyance to site. Progressed framing innovation can accomplish essentially any curvature or angle necessary. The imperative mix of estimations and edges is figured to an exact degree through counsel between the planner/creator and the producer’s specialized support, so time spent nearby is altogether lessened.