You Can Now Buy Online Rugs And Carpets India

BySahil Arora

You Can Now Buy Online Rugs And Carpets India

Carpets and rugs have been an indispensable part of our lifestyle since ages. Carpets are used for covering the ground, so as to provide smooth and soft walkway in for the people at indoors.

Not just now, but carpets have been used in all time spans and lifestyles. From royal families to all other kind of families carpets have always been used. They enhance the décor of the place and also making it feel comfortable and soothing.

Difference between a carpet and a rug

Carpet and rugs are almost same but the only difference between them is that they differ in size. Carpets are large in size as compared to rugs. Otherwise both the words mean the same. And both are required for covering the floor.

What are carpets and rugs made of?

Carpets and rugs are made up of different kind of synthetic fibers and natural fibers.

In natural fibers, the most material used is cotton or wool which obtained from natural resource. Natural fibers carpets are soft enough and get worn out early.

While synthetic fabric carpets are made from material naming acrylic, nylon, olefin and polyester. But out of these all synthetic fibers, the most commonly used is nylon. Nylon is mostly used because it is strongest fiber.

Manufacturing process of carpets and rugs

In manufacturing process of a carpet, firstly the above layer of carpet is woven which is contains various designs. And then to protect the carpet from direct contact with the floor backing is done. Backing on a carpet can be done in two methods

 First one, these carpets are attached with sheets under them. This sheet helps in better durability of the carpet. These sheets are synthetic woven and of poly propylene material used.

Second, these carpets are coated with latex at the time of finishing of the carpet. This latex prevents rusting and also avoids water to reach into the delicate fiber of the fiber.

Availability of carpets and rugs online

Now, carpets and rugs online market has established which serves good quality carpets and rugs online.

If you are looking for carpets and rugs for your abode you can buy it from market or else you can get carpets and rugs online from stores which will deliver your carpets and rugs at your doors. You can buy online rugs and carpets India from any part of the country just sitting in your abode you can buy online rugs and carpets India.

  • All you need to do is to visit a good website online and search for carpets they will display you many variable designs and patterns.
  • They will also tell about what is good about each one.
  • Also they avail discount offers to their customers.
  • And finally when you are done with selecting your carpet just place the order and give them your address.

You can easily get your order with no labor and that too at very affordable price.a

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