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How Applying Proper Floor Tiling Can Give A New Look To Your Home Interior?

Picture a situation where a person visits a friend or neighbor’s home that is lavishly decorated with flashy antiques, beautiful wall hangings, walls that are immaculately colored and curtains in lovely prints. In fact, everything is just picture perfect. Yet just a glance on the floor below and they discover that it has a near-dead appearance and lacks luster. What will then happen is the person will rate the aesthetics of the house overall not too high. Such is the impact that a floor has when it comes to the entire room as well as the home as a whole. The floor has the power of making or breaking the complete impression on which the home stands firm. No wonder a good number of people in Melbourne are paying good attention to floor tiling.

The foremost big impression creator

Floor tiles in Melbourne are given increasing significance, especially in residents. And why not, after all, it is the foremost biggest impression creator. Selecting good flooring holds equal importance as the features and the color. Besides the flooring that one chooses will stay with them till the following big renovation effort and soon they will realize the criticality of fine flooring. In simple terms, mostly floor tiles are square blocks of different materials generally ceramics or stone accessible in myriad sizes resting on the need. Such square blocks are tightly arranged against one another on the floor for creating a range of floor tiles. Each room ideally can have floor tiles with various couture catering its purpose. For instance, the bathroom will have tiles which can be anti-skid, the bedroom can have ceramic tiles, the living room has digital tiles along with flashy images and the kitchen can have beautiful wooden tiles.


Material, beauty, and durability all play a major role

Some of the common materials utilized for floor tiles in Melbourne include wood, glass, ceramic, marble and granite. Ceramic tiles are highly favored owing to its flexibility, low cost, and abundant availability. Besides, it is easy to clean and maintain. Floor tiles, in fact, need a material that has a high hardness coefficient. Because of this softer material such as rubber and limestone amid others is not utilized for manufacturing tiles. Beauty, of course, is a key consideration during the tile selection process but is definitely not the sole consideration. The tiles’ reflection coefficient holds a strong repercussion when it comes to the illumination of a room; hence tiles having good reflection always are favored for the living room. Following the advancements in technology today, people can avail tiles of any size, shape and color combination in Melbourne.


The permutations as well as combinations accessible these days are limitless. Another chief differentiator of floor tiles is indeed its durability. Often people just focus on the tiles’ aesthetic appeal an26b1ef0200e5dfe1_0125-w618-h411-b0-p0--eclectic-kitchend get so carried away with its beauty that they tend to neglect its durability. But the truth is tiles that appear sensationally irresistible are easily prone to frequent damage. And as discussed above, a floor tile is a one-time investment and another round indicates the flooring’s complete overhaul.

The market dealing with floor tiling in Melbourne continues churning product varieties in accordance with the demand of the customers. And being a highly dynamic industry, having different volatile product lifecycle, every tile manufacturer in Melbourne strives their best to stay at the forefront of their design and come up with innovative styles every now and then to cater the variegated needs and tastes of the people. After all, every person wants a unique flooring to boost up the look and beauty of their home and which will also reflect their style statement.

The right floor tiles will play a major role in making an abode stylish and elegant and the tile companies in Melbourne help buyers in selecting from the wide range of assorted design and style of floor tiles. As a smart alternative to wooden floors and carpets, floor tiles are durable and waterproof in nature and can work wonders to cosmetically improve the look of any room where it is placed. Surprisingly, it is more affordable than other coverings and above all is simple to accomplish. So invest in the best floor tiles to give any room or the home at large an awe-inspiring and unique impressive characteristic.


Decor Tips from Professionals: The Everlasting Beauty of Minimalism

Finding a perfect décor for the ongoing – or even the following – season is not that hard. All you need to do is conduct a short survey on what is in and start bringing these trends into your home. The hard part comes later. Once the next season or the one after it arrives, your home will need an alteration to stay fashionable. All of this can be avoided by decorating your home with the use of some evergreen elements and styles. Sure, nothing is written in stone, but one thing that is not likely to go away anytime soon is minimalism.

Monochromatic Interior

While colors of your home are something most designers would advise you to go wild with, going monochromatic is definitely a fail-proof idea. Simply choose the color you deem worthy of your home, your living room or even your kitchen and try to introduce it into your décor as much as possible. Instead of decorating your home with different colors, try to get creative with different nuances of the same color. For example, if you decided to make your living room blue, you can use any color from cyan to indigo.

Image 5

Accent Painting

One of the easiest ways of keeping your home edgy yet elegant at the same time is to turn to the notion of accent painting. In theory, this means painting only one wall in the room, but in practice, it is much more complicated than it seems. First of all, every room has its focal point. In bathroom, it is the mirror, in the living room, the TV. By painting the wall behind your focal point, you will ensure that it is in front of your eyes most of the time. This makes an optical illusion and tricks your brain in perceiving the entire room like it is in that color. Another advantage of this minimalist technique lies in the fact that, since you paint only one wall with that color, you save quite a bit.


As for the flooring, there are two foolproof ways. One of them is to go with a hardwood floor and the other one to stick with the tiles (pun intended). Both of these elements are completely timeless, easy to maintain (tiles being a bit easier) and fit to basically any design trend. Furthermore, you can just add a cozy woolen area rug in order to make the impression complete, or even stretch wall-to-wall carpet on top of it.

Image 1


Finally, after all the major areas of your home are covered, what you are left with is accessorizing. This part is vital though, since in an elegant yet depersonalized minimalist space, even one object can change the style of the entire room. For example, adding an antique wall clock can make your home appear vintage, while one of those interesting and colorful yarn bowls can immediately sway its look towards Scandinavian or rustic. Needless to say, this part of home decoration is completely frugal and it allows you to follow the latest interior design trends, without having to spend a small fortune.


As you can see, the key to your home’s design always staying relevant lies in cunning planning. By making your overall layout evergreen (things like wall color, furniture arrangement and flooring), you can easily accessorize your home and keep it up to date with the latest trends. Otherwise, you would have to remodel your household every season, which is both arduous and expensive work at the very least. From this, it is more than clear why minimalism in particular is a fertile ground for these kind of experiments.


How to Choose an Awesome Area Rug For Any Type Of Space

One of the crucial components when decorating your flat is certainly carpeting. Considering a wide selection of carpets that are available in various colors, designs, shapes and textures, choosing the right one can be a months-long journey but, surely, it’s worth it. A carpet not only brings an air of comfort, coziness and artistic value to the room, but it can also provide protection for kids. The experience of searching for the perfect one that will contribute to creating a well-balanced space can be both overwhelming and enjoyable. Here are a few handy tips to help you make the right decision.

Style that matches your lifestyle

The first thing you should take into consideration is the décor of the room and the style you are trying to achieve. According to designers, when decorating a flat, it is advisable to choose the carpet first and then the rest of the elements. However, if the room is already furnished, the carpeting should be in tune with the rest of the décor. If you want to create a traditional look, a beautifully worn antique carpet would be a perfect solution. On the other hand, if you gravitate toward more contemporary style, both neutral and bold patterned rugs will fit perfectly and adorn the floors of your room.



Choosing the right carpet size can be challenging, especially if the space you intend to cover is large. For spacious rooms, it is advisable to look for bigger carpets as they will connect the elements of the room while small carpets will make the room seem much smaller and out of proportion. On the other hand, if you are trying to create a more intimate place, that is, if your room is smaller, you should measure the sitting area and opt for a small but effective rug such as one from DecoRug – it will perfectly fit and define the rest of the interior. If you want to unify the room and avoid buying a large sized area carpet, be bold and experiment with a few smaller rugs of different colors and shapes but ensure that you keep the balance of the room.


Before deciding what color of the carpet is the most suitable for the room, research multiple options because carpets can be found in an endless array of colors which might make the search pretty daunting.  What you need to take into consideration is the rest of the décor. It is essential to choose a color that complements the existing furnishing, but you also need to consider the amount of light that enters the room. If the room is light, go for deeper colors and if it is darker choose more natural, earthy colors to open the space up. Choosing a patterned rug with many shades is challenging and can be rather tricky but if chosen properly it can turn your space into a real work of art. In order to achieve this, it is best to start with the carpet and then furnish the rest of the room.



A combination of various textures gives the room a rich look. The texture of the carpet might seem irrelevant, but, considering the fact that carpeting gives a real statement to the space, the texture is an important determining factor in the process of choosing the right one. There is a variety of textures you can choose from, such as: velvet, Saxony, frieze or cut-pile carpets. A textured carpet in the right color brings the air of sophistication into the room and adds warmth to it. Velvet carpets add formality to the interior, and for more casual looks, a cut-pile carpet will create a softer, cozier atmosphere. Of course, carpets need regular cleaning and, therefore, it is also necessary to consider the practicality of the carpet when choosing the texture.


Finally, carpets vary in prices, from extremely expensive to quite cheap. This usually causes a lot of trouble to every homeowner as it is difficult to find a perfect carpet at affordable price. Nevertheless, today’s technology enables us to find anything we wish for in just a few clicks online, and what’s more – at unbelievable prices.


Basic Rules of Scandinavian Design

Today, Scandinavian design is probably one of the most popular trends in the world of interior decoration. As such, it has found its place in homes of people all over the globe. On tropical islands and desert estates, designers of all nationalities are trying to faithfully recreate all the incredible design tricks one can see in the far north of Europe. Still, what is it that makes a design truly Scandinavian? Even though this question may not be that easy to answer, here are a few basic rules.


One of the things that everyone knows about Scandinavia is that it is home to greatest number of metal bands per capita. However, what you probably didn’t know is that metallic ornaments also play a major part in Scandinavian design. For example, globular copper lights are a great hit in Scandinavia this year, both as chandeliers and table lamps. Furthermore, they can be perfectly combined with metal door handles (especially copper or brass) and even picture frames in similar colors.

Wall ColorWall Color

Many people love their homeland, but Scandinavians took this patriotism one step further and included the colors of their peninsula’s landscapes into their design. Light blues, soft grays, milky whites are just some of the most famous Scandinavian colors that you can use to bring your home a bit closer to the north. Nonetheless, if painting your whole house seems like a lot of work, accent painting is extremely popular this year. This means that you can paint just one wall in the room into, let’s say, Sleepy Blue and leave the rest of the walls completely white.



The next thing you need to know about Scandinavian design is that it strongly leans towards minimal. Nordic people are very pragmatic in their nature, so they are unlikely to go for items they see no practical use in. They say that sometimes less can be more and, through this design, you can see exactly what they mean. Cold colors and a lot of empty space could also make your living space appear much larger than it actually is, which is a handy trick. Finally, all accessories in the room should be simple both in space and in texture and, in this way, make this minimalist approach complete.

Hardwood Floor and Tiles

Hardwood Floor and Tiles

Even though wall-to-wall carpet can be quite practical, hardwood floor, or tiles are one of the trademarks of Scandinavian design. The advantage of these flooring options is that they are almost as beautiful as they are easy to maintain. While hardwood can be extremely stylish, tiles give you more room for customization. One of the most popular options is to go with geometric design, which can open up an entire room in a completely unique fashion. One last thing, seeing how both hardwood and tiles can be quite cold, adding one of those cozy floor rugs may seem like a nice final touch.

Monochrome Accessories

Monochrome Accessories

Finally, we already mentioned that minimalism is all the rage in Scandinavia. Still, the rabbit hole goes so deep that you are even supposed to minimize on colors of the accessories. For this reason, monochrome accessories are taking over the world of Scandinavian design by storm.

It is not that difficult for one to master the Scandinavian design, but knowing these basic rules is the minimal first requirement. For one to make their home look Scandinavian, they have to start thinking as a Scandinavian would. This kind of role-play is often so interesting that it makes this whole decoration process a reward of its own.


Style Your Home with Modern Home Decor Ideas

When you are planning to styling your home, then it is obvious that you start spending a lot of time in shopping for your home decor. But before you directly jump into styling your home, you should first have a look at things around you. You will not have to make changes to the decor, but also make some changes to the colors and the style as well. This is what the experts tell you, when you are planning to styling your house.

When selecting the decors, you should not always go for something really grand. Try something simple and yet attractive. They are going to look pleasant to your eyes and will also impress the guests who are visiting your house. You need not have to spend much time for buying your home decor items. You have many online stores available, which can save both time and money as well.

When you are selecting the home decor, then there is a lot to explore at these stores. Here is some help for you, to choose the best.


This Flooring part is something that is ignored by many people, is what the expert interior designers say. When you have a close look at the flooring, then you will be able to see a lot of spots on the floor and the carpets as well. So, you can try some nice and new carpets, or you can also go for wooden tiling, which can be deployed with ease. They also give a very grand look.


Nowadays, most of the houses are built with a fireplace in the center, which is very useful in the cold months. When it comes to decorating your fireplace, you should check out some different ideas, like the colors of this fireplace should be in contrast with just of the home decor in that room. That is going to enhance the look. You can look out for more ideas, on the online stores.



 When you are choosing the home decor items, try to focus on all the items in the home. When you are inviting some guests home for a dinner or lunch, then you are not going to spend time with them in the living room alone. You need to give them a memorable dinner or lunch and hence having the best tableware can help you with that.

Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets–

Want to give a contemporary chic look to your living room? Then just make a few changes to the bed sheets, cushion covers and that is going to give a grand new look to your living room for sure. Make sure that the color of these matches with that of the other things in your living room.



Choosing the right candleware can set the right mood for you. You can choose the best candle stands and scented candles, if you really love having the candle lights in the home, in the evenings. This is definitely a good choice when you are having guests home for a late night dinner. Make sure to choose something, which is matched with the rest of the decor in the home.

It is not going to take a lot of time, when you are starting your shopping after inspecting things keenly at home. When you are going for online shopping, then you need not have to worry at all. You can sit in the living and select everything like the right bed sheets, right colors and everything that you need. So, go for it and give a grand new look to your home today.