Exterior Hanging Lighting types and Uses


Exterior Hanging Lighting types and Uses

Your house can make a grand entrance with the Exterior Hanging Lights. Those plain old simple bulb-and-shade lamps are out of league now. You can make an appealing entrance with colorful exterior pendant lighting and chandelier. Warm lighting will create an ambiance that your guest couldn’t control and brisk towards your home and ring your doorbell.

What You Should Know About Exterior Hanging Lights

With so many different styles of Exterior Hanging Lights available, it becomes easy to create the look you want. From casual styles to ornate traditional, from comfort to dramatically portray of your entrance. Be sure while choosing perfect exterior hanging light for your space. You can also find outdoor lightings that are Energy saving and certified along with exterior hanging lights that use energy-efficient LED light.

Outdoor Lighting Types and Uses

There are so many different types of exterior light fixtures that you can find easily out of which exterior ceiling, outdoor wall light, post lights and landscape lighting are most common. Each light fixture has its own style and serves different purposes below details will help you find out which one is right for your needs.

Exterior ceiling lights include different styles like flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, track lightings, lanterns, ceiling medallions, pendants and even chandeliers! Exterior hanging lights are also included in this category since they are hangs-up to the ceiling. Best place to mount ceiling lights is above front doors, on courtyard, in gazebos and so on!

One of the most classic and easily recognizable uses of Exterior wall lights is a pair of lantern-style fixtures adjoining front door. However, that’s not the only way to use exterior wall lights. You can also find flaming torch in ingenious fresh shapes along with lanterns. Try using exterior wall lights to illuminate a shady side wall or add light to a porch or courtyard.

Exterior post lights are a part of a larger collection and a lot look like their wall light counterparts, but they need to be mounted on a post. They are good for using at the end of driveways as a landmark, at the poolside to light up a large area and so on.

Landscape lighting has a variety of great uses, including passageway lighting, step lighting and special fixtures you can use to showcase unique features in your exterior decor.

Are you ready to shop for outdoor lighting? Browse Exterior Hanging Lights selection of ceiling lights, chandeliers, track lighting, wall lights and many more. If you would like advice or any other help, contact us or call our trained lighting specialists.

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