Remote Control Dimmer Enables Wireless Control For Residential Lighting

ByPooja Sharma

Remote Control Dimmer Enables Wireless Control For Residential Lighting

Remote control dimmer is a dimmer that adopts wi-fi manipulate generation to exchange and dim lights. The maximum popular one is RF far off dimmer which sends out radio frequency sign to the receiver and enables wireless manage.

As compared to traditional switches, the RF far off control dimmer is a superb innovation that allows simpler and greater¬† flexible lighting manipulate considering the fact that it’s miles wi-fi among the transfer(far flung) and the receiver.
To replace your traditional switches with far off control dimmer, an entire RF dimmer device is required. It consists of a RF signal sender and a dimmer with RF receiver integrated. The sender sends out sign to the dimmer, and the dimmer gets the sign and converts it to PWM signal and dim the linked lights. The sender and the receiver shall be paired first after which they are able to paintings together, and it is easy to do thru a key on the dimmer. earlier than alternative, you have to parent out some troubles.

First off, you have to make certain that whether your lights are dimmable or now not. Generally conventional incandescent, halogen lighting fixtures are dimmable, the fluorescent lighting with electronic ballast are dimmable. Regarding the brand new remote control flameless candle, there dimmable and non-dimmable ones, you need to consult your supplier.

Secondly, the dimmer (receiver) shall be chosen in keeping with your lights enter kind. For AC input lighting fixtures, Triac dimmers or section-reduce dimmers are the popular alternatives. For DC enter ones, PWM dimmers are the appropriate alternatives. make sure that the dimmer you selected is designed with RF control characteristic.

Thirdly, which type of far flung could you want to pick out? The senders are available in diverse sorts, inclusive of hand-held far off with keys, hand-held far off with contact manipulate, wall hooked up contact panel, rotary knob and push button. those remotes function their very own benefits respectively, you may choose in line with your preference. touch far off is the newly evolved fashion that permits full touch manipulate via finger touch. touch transfer and contact dim are feasible and smooth.

RF far flung manage dimmer enables no longer only easier and more bendy manage, however additionally more than one regions manipulate by one far off. the gap between the far flung and dimmer may be up to twenty meters. One remote can manipulate multiple areas along with sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen synchronously or one by one as long as you pair the remote and dimmers correctly.

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