Suggestions by Estate Agents Weybridge Surrey to Overseas Landlords


Suggestions by Estate Agents Weybridge Surrey to Overseas Landlords

People who are planning to go abroad but have a property in the UK are worried about a lot of things. How will the rent reach them? Whether the tenants will take care of the property? Or any fraud will be done? These are the questions that can cause restlessness in the landlord and concentration is distracted.

But estate agents Weybridge can help you to lessen the worries. There are many suggestions that can be followed before you go abroad. Some of them are concerned with the rights of tenants and the responsibilities that landlords have on part of the tenants.

Why Landlords go abroad?

Several reasons are there as to why people travel abroad and decide to live there. Most of them travel for a recreational purpose, to build up confidence, have a feeling of livelihood and freedom. But others have serious aims to go abroad, leaving their property.

For Study Purpose:

The most basic reason for people to go abroad is for studying. Although students are thought to be very young but lots of older people also go outside the country to acquire M. Phil or PhDs degrees. There are several degrees that require long years to complete so landlords can put the house on rent that is empty.

More Job Opportunities:

Several companies nowadays have offices all over the globe so when they open a new branch; the owner of the companies tries to send the people who are already a part of their office. Or it may happen that the landlord himself goes abroad to expand the business. In this way, the house remains vacant.

Starting a New Life:

When people become fed up from the monotony of life, they want to start all over again. There are various reasons for it;

  1. A change in the lifestyle.

  2. Chasing your dream or hobby.

  3. Health-related issues.

  4. To have freedom from problems

Suggestions are given by Estate Agents Weybridge Surrey:

But landlords are all the time worried as to how they can leave their vacant property unwatched. You need a proper guide for renting out your UK home and this can be provided by many intellectual persons. But the best guidance can be given by estate agents Weybridge Surrey which can help landlords in renting the house without any problem.

Non-resident Landlord Scheme:

This is a scheme of tax far the landlords who are now settled abroad. The letting agent will subtract the primary tax from the rent so that amount can utilize for the certificate that has to be shown as proof that the property belongs to the landlord who is now out of the country.

Pre-plan Everything:

Before you start planning for going abroad, the very first thing to consider is systematically arranging for the documents and all the necessary details that are required for renting the house. In an ordinary process of renting the paperwork required is different and minimum certification is needed. But for landlords living abroad, extra evidence is mandatory.

Better Promotion of the House:

Advertising and marketing will play an important role in renting the residential property as more tenants will come and investigate the house. A good estate agent will always promote the house in the best way. The advertisement of different platforms must have;

  1. Appropriate pictures to show the qualities of the house.

  2. The description should attract attention.

  3. The right price will be a plus point.

  4. Any type of defect must be mentioned as it will gain the trust of the tenant that you have told the truth.

Yodle has many platforms on which you can promote your property. This website like many others has helped hundreds of landlords to rent a house when they are going abroad.

Finding Appropriate Tenants in Weybridge:

For landlords who are going abroad for a long period of time, it is wise to have tenants in Weybridge who are willing to live in the house for at least 2 years. This will be best as the house will be secured for a long tenancy period.

Receive the Rent in the Local Currency:

You can ask the estate agent to arrange for the rent to be sent to you in the local currency of the country you are living in if that is required. Otherwise, the payment can be deposited in the bank account that has been opened by the landlord. This will be profitable because on his return the landlord will have a sufficient amount to use it elsewhere.

Inform the Tenant of your Return:

Sometimes for unexplained reasons the landlord has to return and want the house to be vacant. You must inform the tenant of your return at least 3 months prior. This will give enough time to the tenant to search for another house and shift before the landlord returns back to the UK.

Ask Family and Friends to Help:

If you want all the dealing of the house to be handled by a family member or friend then you must present a power of attorney to the UK government and the estate agent for proof. After the document is approved the person can be authorized to make dealings on the behalf of the landlord.

The suggestions mentioned above can only be given by experienced estate agents Weybridge Surrey and it is in the benefit of the landlord that he abides by them and only then he can live in peace and satisfaction abroad.

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