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BySabyasachi Dutta

How to Choose the Right Kind of Balustrade for your home

Balustrades can make or break the look of the interiors of your home. It is very important to consider some factors before installing them since they are going to be a part of your home for a long period of time. Moreover, do not forget the amount of time and money that will be involved in installing balustrades in your home. So, if you planning to get one for your home, consider these important points discussed in this blog.

  1. Consider your requirement

Before installing a balustrade in your home, consider your requirement. Ask a question to yourself that do you really need it? Balustrades add a lot of decorative value to your home but they also have their own function. They act as a protection around the staircase or even in the balcony. So, if you have children or pets in the house, there is always the risk of accidents and you should definitely consider adding a balustrade in the required areas for extra protection. But if the staircase is very small then maybe you don’t need it. Or maybe you don’t need balustrade for that little pool staircase either. It is advisable to think about the functional aspect of the balustrade before deciding to install it in the house for everyone’s safety and better functionality.

  1. Consider the size of the house

After deciding to add a balustrade to your home, the next thing to consider is the size of the house. Do you want the balustrades to add a depth to your house or add an illusion of space? For instance, in smaller houses, balustrades must be used to create a grand ambiance. You can add these to the balconies, staircases and even porch for a creating a classy appeal for the house.

  1. Consider the design of the house

The next thing to consider is the overall design of the house. Keep in mind that balustrades are not just a part and they have ample scope to enhance the look of your home. So choose a balustrade while keeping the architecture of your house in mind. For, instance if your house has a vintage look, opt for vintage style balustrade. Similarly, in modern home balustrades made of wrought iron will work better than a wooden one. Nowadays there are plenty of options to choose from. Choose the material that matches with the interiors of your house.

  1. Choose apt materials for the balustrades

A lot of factors determine the choice of balustrades and one of them is material. The choice of materials depends on the budget, design of the house and the availability of the material. Wooden balustrades are out of trend now. Moreover, they are expensive, high in maintenance and do not match with the sleek designs of modern homes. The material that is popular in recent times in wrought iron because they are affordable and easy to maintain. No matter, what material you choose, wood, glass, steel or wrought iron, make sure that compliments your home decor.

  1. Consider other aspects

Most importantly consider the long term aspect of the balustrades. For instance, if you are installing them for outdoor purposes, you should consider aspects like the weather. Outdoor balustrades should be weather-resistant and should be made of steel or wrought iron so that it can keep rust or corrosion at bay. Wooden balustrades are suited for indoor purposes as they would require a lot of maintenance if kept outside.

I hope now you can understand what to consider before installing balustrades for your home. So what are you waiting for? Add durable balustrades in your home and make it look strong from outside and elegant from inside. Look for reputed companies balustrading in Melbourne and get the best deal for your home.     

BySabyasachi Dutta

Frameless Glass or Stainless Steel Balustrading and Maintenance Tips

Balustrading is not a modern architectural concept. The application of balustrade in architectural concept was first featured in the early Renaissance era where balconies of palaces were decoratively formed by intricate quattrocento balustrades. Balustrades, in the passage of time have revolutionized and modern day these decorative structures are not limited to metals only. Other than iron, stainless steel, balustrades are formed from hardwood, plastics, polystyrene, glass and plaster.

Balustrading in Melbourne has also seen much transformation in the last decade. The industry has revolutionized not just in terms of designs and materials but also added functionality to it, which was once primarily used for decorative purpose. Glass or steel balustrades can bring great look to the residential houses and commercial establishments. Glass balustrades are versatile and easily blend with almost all types of interior designing. On the other hand, stainless steel balustrades are available in semi frameless or frameless.

Functionality of glass balustrades

Glass balustrades are not so popular till now like wood or iron ones. However, the functionality of glass balustrades is far reaching, mostly to residential owners who make the glass a perfect addition to their patios, pergolas, carports, gazebos, balconies or courtyards.

> Glass balustrades make your room or living space appears spacious. It is because of its transparent nature of glass that creates an illusion of things look bigger.

> Glass balustrades let extra light pass through them, creating more bright appearance. Many property owners prefer glass because it leads to a healthy feeling inside the house.

> Glass balustrades are simple to install. And it also requires less maintenance.

Choice of balustrading in houses

Balustrading comes with many choices because it comes with a wide spectrum of colours and designs. You can also opt from framed, frameless or semi-frameless options. In the glass balustrades, you can also opt for tint or even opacity of the glass. It comes with many choices, only thing you need to know about Australian safety regulations.

Stainless steel balustrades are the primary choice when it comes to durability factor. Also steel balustrades can take many shapes and decorative with filigree shapes.

Wooden balustrades are traditional form with simple design, fabricated a little more than wooden posts beneath the railing.

The most expensive and surely the luxurious choice is stone carving or casting. They look exquisite but these are also very expensive.

Stainless steel balustrades and maintenance

Stainless steels are widely used in creating various types of balconies and handrails. Many homeowners have installed stainless steel balustrades or handrails because of durability and versatility. Unlike iron, wrought iron, stainless steel is impervious to corrosion. It can easily be cleaned and requires easy maintenance.

* The most routine cleaning that can be done every day if you have time is to clean your balustrades with warm water and a cloth. After cleaning with water, clean it with a dry towel or soft cloth to prevent water spot. Wipe it in the directions of the polish lines.

* If you find corrosion marks on the handrails, it implies you haven’t cleaned it for long. For this, you need a little more than warm water. Add some mild detergent to the water and clean it. Don’t forget it clean it with a dry towel.

* Stainless steel handrails have a problem of fingerprint problems. So, you need to use a good glass cleaner to clean it to prevent and eliminate fingerprints.

* For a hard scratch, you need a stainless steel cleaner or polishers to eliminate the scratches.

Technical Oversight

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