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Managing Tips For Co-Working Office Space

Nowadays, working from co-working spaces has become a viable and affordable option for people. The typical co-working space is an open-plan office space that allows its members to work in a more professional environment.

However, in order to work effectively from a co-working space, you need to be as self-sufficient as possible. Following are some useful tips to manage co-working office space in London:

  • Be selective with members: A co-working space is as much about the people within it as the physical premises. And thus it is advisable to ensure that anyone who is joining the space is committed to the co-working concept, and will be a good fit. Seeding the building with people who embrace the ideals of co-working will make the community largely self managing. Also stay vigilant with regular members to ensure that everyone is being respectful of the community.
  • Embrace diversity among members: The nature of word-of-mouth marketing might imply that your co-working space fills up with loosely connected folk from the same kind of industry. Although this will denote that your members have a lot in common, and can enjoy collaboration opportunities. Do not overlook the benefits that embracing a wide group of people from a variety of industries can offer.

co-working office space

  • Design your space for interaction: One of the main reasons why people choose the co-working office space is that they want to meet, network and mingle with other human beings. Ensure that your space is designed in such a way that you deliberately put people in the path of others. Design the space with interaction in mind. Make sure that you don’t just have desks, but also offer a relaxed seating area filled with big comfy sofas and meeting rooms for private calls or meetings to take place in. Do think about the space from an interaction perspective.
  • Monitor how people use the space: You would have put in tons of thought into the layout of your co-working space, but until it’s populated you won’t really know how your members use the space and what needs modifications. Because of this, monitoring use is essential for improvements. Observe how things are working and how people are using the space well. For instance, people often feel uncomfortable making phone calls in a communal space so would either go outside or in corridors. So observing this and putting soft furniture in spaces where they go and assigning a small room for private calls will just improve the environment for the caller and will make it less disruptive for the other co-workers.