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BySabyasachi Dutta

7 different ways to use full length mirror in your home

Mirrors are the best component in the entire interior as they provide multiple benefits in several ways. They enhance the ambiance of the entire place along with the reduction of cost at much extent. In any place they are used,add beauty to the place also better the light space and much more things.

There are several ideas of using mirrors and of different sizes but having a full length mirror is the best to have but before we see the ideas in which it can be used we will see the benefits of mirrors:

* They are helpful in making space in the room, bedroom, office or other place where you use.

* They reflect the light and due to which the level of light is increased at much extent.

* Enhance the entire ambiance of the place where you put mirrors.

* With the help of mirrors you can also hide the flaws or lacking in your room, office or home.

* Apart from that they primarily fulfill the fundamental requirements and functional necessities.

These are some of the aspects about the benefits of having mirrors in home, room, bedroom or any other place. While there are multiple other benefits that are there in reference to the usage of mirrors. Now let’s move towards the ideas about where to use the full length mirrors:

  1. At bathrooms
  2. In the bedrooms
  3. At the entrance
  4. In the hall
  5. In the dressing room
  6. At parlors
  7. In gyms

At bathrooms

This would be the first and foremost place where you should place the mirrors as they are it is the most important place. All of us prefer going washrooms for getting some retouch or to get fresh but if there is no mirror there than we won’t appreciate such bathrooms.

Moreover in daily use of washroom we like to once see our self and if any change or refining is required can be done with the help of looking into the mirrors.

In the bedrooms

We won’t prefer going often to washrooms or any other place in our house to use mirror and for that it would be ideal to have it in bedroom. While before going to bed you might prefer to apply a lotion or any night cream along with seeing yourself in the mirror. Even you would prefer to have a proper dressing table with a huge mirror so that you can get ready at any time.

At the entrance

It is best to have the mirrors in the entrance of the house or any other place as they give a good impression and also enhance the entire look of the home with one glance. Furthermore if you want to see yourself one last time before leaving your home than you would definitely appreciate the addition of mirrors in entrance. And if you use a full length mirror than with no doubt it will prove to be the best option.

In the hall

Hall is a place which is ideal in that reference as they have to create a beautiful and captivating ambiance for the people who visit. So for that the mirrors would serve the best and can reduce the cost of putting much effort in embellishing the halls with designing furniture.

In the dressing room

There are some people who prefer to make a separate dressing room to have a proper place of dressing up along with other accessories and makeup or so on. In that case a full size mirror would be perfect to enhance the ambiance of your dressing room. It will make your dressing room ideal and will also let you get some privacy to feel free.

At parlors

Whether it is parlor or salon you would definitely be a person visiting it occasionally or within weeks. And whatever you get there like a haircut or makeover or any other such things you would prefer to have a complete look of yours be seen once. And in that case it is really important to have wall size of horizontal mirrors in the parlors.

In gyms

Many of the men and women are conscious about their body or outlook and to maintain it or reduce they like to go to gym. And who would appreciate or like to go to a gym where there is no mirror probably no-one. Because they are necessary in gyms as when you are having a workout or exercise you would prefer to look at your body shape.

So this could be done if you have mirrors in the gym moreover the gym is a place where a number of huge machines are there. And with the help of mirrors you would be able to make a look of spacious environment.