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Stone Sealer: Stain Shun Remedy

The stone tile and slabs are protected from staining these should seal properly. They have molecular architecture and these infiltrate deep into the stone tiles are resilient to cleaners and should not break down. Dirt and dust are avoided from gripping into the stone so that these impurities should be cleaned up.

Stone sealers have limitations of safeguarding and protecting the tiles and slabs up to a certain level.  Marbles which are made of limestones and travertine and which are acidic in nature etch when they come in touch with other astringent substances such as vinegar or lemons. As of now none of the stone cleaners can provide immunity from etching when they come in contact with stringent substances, but if the quality of stone sealers are high they may be able to weaken the effects of etching.

A grand stone sealers maintained the smaller molecular structure in comparison to the grout specific sealers and incapable of sealing grout but a grout specific sealer cannot do vice versa. It is really out of question or instead impracticable to use different sealers to seal grout and stone tiles. It is rather advisable for the user to use same stone sealer at same time to seal both tiles and the grout.

To test the durability and resistance of the stone sealers these are first sealed with stone samples and then permitted the sealer to heal on the stone for 7 days. After boiling with the hot water and washing it again with Ph neutral sealer durability is found out. Now The food contaminates are applied to dry on the stone samples and left over for dryness whole night just to see how well the sealers performed in keeping the contaminates from staining the stones tiles.

These tests over different stone sealers have led to the outcomes that StoneTech Bulletproof sealer and the Drytreat Stainproof sealers are best for sealing the stone tiles.  The Stonetech Bulletproof sealer is using microband technology, used to provide invulnerability to the stone, in comparison to Drytreat Stainproof stone sealer, which uses VOC Solvent penetrating deep inside in the tiles or stones of different types to reduce the water mobility of the surface.

Stone sealer are designed for use on marble, lime stone, granite and other natural stone to reduce the water penetration of the surface and can be used on both wall and floor tiles. For further details contact our service provider or you can also mail us your inquiries.