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BySabyasachi Dutta

5 Most Important Reasons to Waterproof Your Bathroom

If you are planning to improve different aspects of your home, remember to waterproof your bathroom also. This is because waterproofing not only eliminates structural damage but also protects you from possible health hazards. Still confused? Let me explain it to you. Washing and bathing produce a lot of vapour in the bathroom which is absorbed and retained by washroom walls for a long time. Inside the wall, the vapours erode materials and cause cracks that let in more moisture. This creates hydrostatic pressure and leads to extensive damage. One smart way to avoid the problem is by waterproofing your bathroom. Read this blog to know the 5 most important reasons to waterproof your bathroom.

  1. Prevent structural damage

Buildings in the areas with high level of humidity are exposed to extreme moisture. But its harmful effects are specially seen in areas with poor ventilation or in areas where a combination of high interior humidity and high moisture content are present. This generally occurs in the walls of a bathroom. Extreme moisture or dampness can destroy and damage materials made of wood, concrete and even iron. Although it takes a long time for the moisture-related problems to become visible, they might cause considerable damage if ignored.

  1. Maintain pleasant temperature

Most of us prefer an atmosphere where the temperature is stable and pleasant. That is why we install machines like air conditioners. But extra moisture can make your home a humid place. You can install air conditioners to remove the moisture from your rooms, but, if your bathroom is not waterproofed these machines will fail to maintain the temperature you are comfortable with. Moreover, excess moisture accumulation in the walls can promote heat transfer that results in heat loss and higher energy bills. The vapour from the bathroom can travel to adjacent rooms and hamper the indoor air quality causing serious mould problems.

  1. Prevent infestation of pests and micro-organisms

Damp areas are the birthplace of a variety of pests and micro-organisms such as dry rot and moulds. These causes various health problems like nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation and even skin irritation. To avoid infestation waterproof the walls and parts of your bathroom if they tend to stay damp for a long period of time. Since pests along with mould and wood decay fungi can live in the walls of your bathroom, it is essential to take necessary steps in form of waterproofing.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Do you want to invest a large sum of money for your bathrooms every year? Obviously not! Then why let moisture ruin its interiors? High moisture content in the bathroom can lead to peeling, cracking and blistering of the wall paints. Rotten wood and severe mould infestations will also require the assistance of professionals. All these will considerably increase the maintenance cost of your bathroom. Waterproof your bathroom to prevent moisture from penetrating into your walls and save thousands of bucks for future repairs.

  1. Increase the value of your home

Whether you are planning to sell your property in the future or live in it for the rest of your life, it is always better to keep your property upgraded and in a good shape as this will increase its value which will help you in the long run.

Now you know why it is important to keep your bathroom waterproofed so that you and your family can live a comfortable and healthy life. Contact some of the reputed companies that offer the service of waterproofing in Melbourne and upgrade your bathroom now. Enjoy a comfortable bath and convert the bathroom into your personal space.