The Putty: A Material to Make the Walls Live

BySahil Arora

The Putty: A Material to Make the Walls Live

With the change of time and technology, a lot of things have changed in human life. There was a time when the natural material was used to build a house and walls were also very simple. Over a period the use of artificial material started and houses were made stronger than before. The use of bricks is common nowadays and to cover the brick walls, there is theuse of cement plaster.

The trouble:

Despite theuse of the best of the quality material after a few years, the crumbling of plaster is common. It just doesn’t expose the wall but also tarnishes the image of the dwellers as the guests and visitors immediately notice it and develop a perception about the family. It also removes the costly paint on the walls and spoils the charm of the walls. To overcome this situation, the experts in the field suggest theuse of wall care putty which is a ready material to use.

How to use it?

Well, it is very simple to use. One can either try itself or hire an expert to apply this material on the walls. The material is in a paste form and, one need to get it on a wooden plate or metal plate to apply on different areas of the walls. Before the application of the material, one needs to clean the wall. It is better if one can scrub it and clear from dust so that the material can have afirm grip on the walls. Once the material is applied, one needs to leave it to get dry. In a few hours, the paste applied gets dry, and it looks just like a part of thewall only. Now, one can color the area to match the wall with other walls of the home. Hence in a few hours and some efforts, the old look of the wall can easily be restored.

The advantages:

There are many advantages of theuse of this material. It can be availed in any area of any city which is the biggest advantage. This material is much cost effective compared to the cement plaster, and hence one can save a good amount also. It can be easily applied, and in a limited period, the look of the wall can be back. The application of this material is quite simple and yet can last long.

The cement plaster:

There is also another material used in building the house which is known as the ready mix cement plaster. The builders who want to finish the project faster can go for this beautiful option. It is supplied by a number of suppliers in the market. For a building to plaster, the walls is a time-consuming process as it takes a huge time for getting the material mixed and applied on the wall. In this option, one needs to approach the supplier of the ready mix cement plaster and provide the requirement. One can fix the rate and get the material as per the provided guideline so that the plaster can be done faster.

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