Top Tips on Buying Bathroom Storage

ByPooja Sharma

Top Tips on Buying Bathroom Storage

When you renovate your bathroom, you’ll need to carefully consider the kinds of fittings or furniture you place there. Any bathroom refit is probably going to be the last in a long while, so you should make sure you’re putting in the units that you’re going to be happy with using on a daily basis. You should consider what kind of overall style you want your bathroom to be, and then choose the cabinets that complement the tiles and other fittings that work with your design principles. Here are some points to consider when choosing cabinets

Quality Grades

This has a similar system to kitchen cabinets, and the quality scale for bathroom cabinets has four grades:

  • Ready to Assemble (RTA)
  • Stock cabinets
  • Semi-custom
  • Custom

There are also two construction approaches:

  • Face framed
  • Frameless

Cabinets can also be free-standing (known as vanity units.

The cheapest grade of bathroom cabinets is RTA, but the quality of materials suffers in the name of lower price. Stock cabinets are affordable, but don’t have much variety. If you want something that you can personalise then you should seek a semi-custom or completely customised cabinet. Custom cabinets will be designed and built completely from scratch and can take up to eight weeks to be completed; they’re also the most expensive to purchase.

Materials and Finishes

Considering the humid environment of bathrooms, and they’re daily usage, furniture and fittings receive considerable wear and tear. Therefore, it is important to it’s important to choose materials that can withstand heat, water and excessive moisture. Choose a finish that protects against mould and mildew. The bulk of bathroom cabinets are usually made from strengthened and treated wood such as Medium Density Fibre (MDF), particle board, or plywood. The faces of the doors and drawers are usually made from solid wood. The finish is particularly important with bathroom cabinets, and should either be painted, stained, or glazed.

Doors and Accessories

The decorative features are what really make the cabinet stand out, such as door style and handles. Many styles of doors are available to fit the different shaped cabinets, and may have different fascia design, such as a central panel that is arched, rounded, or squared. Handles can either be made from metal, plastic, or wood, but they are an important feature and so special attention must be paid to choosing the correct ones. Different style handles will really change the look, and feel, of any bathroom cabinet. How the handles look is important, but also consider the functionality of the handles and their placement. What might work on one cabinet door may not be effective if used elsewhere.

The most important thing to consider first when choosing your new bathroom cabinets is the quality grade. This comes in four general types: Ready to Assemble (RTA), Stock, Semi-custom, and Full Custom. You’ll also have the choice between face framed or frameless, or you can choose a free-standing unit, known as a vanity. All materials used in the construction of cabinets for the bathroom should be strong and durable, and able to withstand the humid environment. All doors and accessories should also withstand daily usage, be functional, and also look good. Fittings such as door handles really give you an opportunity to make your bathroom look unique and personalised.

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