Venetian Plaster Solutions for the Elegant Home

ByPooja Sharma

Venetian Plaster Solutions for the Elegant Home

Wall coverings are indeed varied, with paint and wallpaper providing a range of looks that can be adapted into the overall room design, and even concrete can provide stunning finishes that are suitable for walls, but if elegance and style are important, Venetian plaster has it all, and with absolutely no limit to design options, modern polished plaster can perfectly recreate those stunning Mediterranean marble and travertine designs.

Unlimited Colour choices

Modern textured plaster offers unlimited colour choices, and the homeowner could actually provide an image of a design they favoured, and this could be replicated with polished plaster. The latest generation of plaster is made with durability in mind, and the colour options are unlimited, which makes it a very attractive proposition. If your home is located in Western Australia, there are established companies that offer polished plaster in Perth, and with their flair for the artistic touch, you can be sure to have a unique wall covering that will be the envy of all your friends. By carefully mixing in colour, the technician can create any shade, which gives polished plaster an advantage over paint and other wall coverings.

Texture Options

Again, the choices are only limited by your creativity and imagination, and by using special hand tools, many patterns can be created. Other methods allow for a Stucco type finish, or perhaps some brushing or tracing, and the supplier would have many fine images showing examples of previous projects, which would help you to have some inspiration. The texture very much depends on the type of plaster, and you can enjoy the silky smooth look and feel, or if you prefer something matt, there are many variations, and the supplier would be able to advise you according to the texture you want.


Typically, a polished plaster wall would be guaranteed for at least 5 years, although you can expect it to remain in pristine condition for a lot longer, and with very quick drying times, your home routine will not be disrupted for too long. There are plasters suitable for interior and exterior use, and once the job is done, there is no maintenance and the walls will be extremely durable for many years.

Professional Application

While modern plaster has amazing properties, if it isn’t correctly applied, the end result will be far from ideal, as there is a high level of skill involved, especially if you are talking about intricate designs. There aren’t that many companies that offer this service, and an online search would soon have you in touch with the right company, and with their expert advice and your concept, a unique combination can be achieved. If you wished to take a look at some finished projects, the company would be able to arrange this, or they may have some display panels to give the customer a good idea of what to expect.

Whatever you design ideas, polished plaster can turn them into reality, and with a very durable product and unlimited options, you really are in the driver’s seat regarding your wall design and colour selection.

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