Ways to Use less Water While Maintaining Better Lawn Health


Ways to Use less Water While Maintaining Better Lawn Health

Water plays an important role in all aspects of our life. We use water not only indoors, but also for various outdoor uses. Lawn watering is one of the activities that use a lot of water. If we pay little attention to lawn watering, we can save a lot of water without hampering the beauty and quality of the lawn. There are many lawn owners in the United Kingdom who use automatic irrigation system to keep their lawn green and alive. These types of systems automatically turn on for a set period of time. Those who don’t have set routines prefer watering their lawns on certain days of the week.

It is important to note that both the methods are not quite appropriate when it comes to good lawn care practice. Saving water in the lawn is as important as saving water in the home. Below mentioned are certain important tips to consider while maintaining a good health of your lawn:

Consider watering your lawn at the right time

There are many people who over-water their lawns. This is not only wasteful, but also a time-consuming work. In order to verify the need to water your lawn or not, you must check the quality of the soil. If it is damp, it’s good and if it is dry, it’s time to water. Watering your lawn before a drought sets in help to keep the soil’s moisture levels up and help preventing a water deficit. Also, keep in mind to water your plants in the evening when the atmosphere is cool, to eliminate evaporation.

Use the best watering techniques to water your lawn

There are numerous watering techniques available these days to water your plants such as:

  • Sprinklers: Sprinkles are a best technique to water the lawn and soak unplanted areas. Sprinkles have great coverage; however, they cannot target explicit sections of your lawn.

  • Hoses and watering cans: Hoses and watering cans seems quite labour intensive but accurate. These can be used to water around plant bases under the leaves while leaving the surrounding soil dry.

  • Seep hoses: In seep hoses technique, water is allowed to seep out of holes in the hose. They can be buried under soil to prevent evaporation.

  • Automated irrigation systems: Automated irrigation systems allow water to drip into flourishing areas whenever you plan them to do so. This technology helps to save both time and effort.

Collect rainwater and reuse old water

Each year, you can collect around 24,000 litres of rainwater from your roof, which is equal to 5,280 gallons of water, even if you live in a dry part of the United Kingdom. The collected water can be used to water your lawn.

These days, there are several water supplying companies in the UK that provide water saving tips to their customers. One such well-known company is Severn Trent. Severn Trent Water is part of the Severn Trent Group of companies supplying water services to over 8 million customers. For more water saving tips, you can use Severn Trent contact number and speak directly to their customer care advisors.

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